The Best Dark Spot Corrector Options

Dark spots on ones skin, which is also called hyperpigmentation, are a very common skin problem that becomes more apparent at the beginning of middle age. There are a variety things that can cause dark spots as well as many ways of dealing with these unpleasant skin marks.

Best Dark Spot Corrector

There are serveral different types and reason for someone to have dark spots and it does not matter what color your skin is, your age, sex or ethnic origin.  Some of these different skin problems are preventable as well as treatable. Two of the most common types of dark spots are freckles and age spots. It does not matter if you are old or young, they are both enhanced by the prolonged exposure to UV-A and UV-B rays from our sun. The only reason why you will see more of these spots on a older person than the very young, is because the older you are, the more likely it is that you have exposed to more sunlight in your lifetime. Melanin is the key factor in the appearance of these dark spots. As your skin is exposed to UV-B radiation from the sun, the melanin in your skin increases which causes your skin or freckles to darken, thus becoming a dark spot. There is a genetic inheritance for many people to have higher concentrations of melanin in their face, which accounts for some people having a lot of freckles while other do not. The melanin itself is is a natural UV barrier with in the skin and as it breaks down over time, the skin is more susceptible to damage. This damage to the skin results in a discoloration of the skin as well and is more commonly called “Age Spots”.

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The Best Dark Spot Corrector Options

There are many options available for correcting dark spots on the skin. Some of these treatments are listed below:

Laser Dark Spot Removal

This is the most well know treatment for removing dark spots and it is also one of the best dark spot corrector. It is the treatment of choice by many dermatologists and it is possible to have the age spots removed permanently with this technique(even though new spots may form after returning to sun exposure). The number of treatments required is usually two or more and it depends on how many spots there are and on which area of the body they reside. The pain is quite minimal  and many patients find the laser very tolerable.

Natural Remedies

A complete opposite from the laser treatment is the use of natural substances to treat dark spots. Now some of the examples outlined might not seem like the best dark spot corrector methods but many have found that they do work to some degree.

  • Lemon Juice – Applying lemon juice to the affected area will act like a natural bleaching agent to light the dark spots.
  • Sour Milk – Washing your fact with the lactic acid in the milk aids in gentle peeling of the skin without any irritation or drying affects and thus lightening the washed area.
  • Sour Cream – Rubbing it onto the affected area and leaving it there for 15 minutes before washing it off provides the same affects as the sour mile.
  • Onions – Slice a red onion in two and rub one half onto the dark spots two times a day, continuing until the spots fade.

These may not sound like scientific methods but there are many stories around the Internet that state that these and many other natural methods do actually work for lightening and removing dark spots.

Dark Spot Corrector


We all should be using sunscreen any time we venture out to protect against the harmful effects of UV-A and UV-B radiation. Sunscreen will not remove any dark spots on your face or skin but it will prevent your current ones from becoming darker and will stop new ones from forming. This is especially important for younger people who want to keep from getting dark spots when they get older as well as preventing skin cancer.

Fading Cream

Available from many of the major make up manufacturers like Clinique, ProEven, Proactive, Garnier and Clarins all have products that help with fading and removing of dark spots and skin discolorations. A majority of these products can be purchased over the counter and you do not have to pay a high fee to have a specialist write you a prescription. Just rub a small amount onto the affected area two times a day unless the specific products directions are different and in a couple of weeks the dark spots should be fading away, if not completely gone. If you are suffering from many different types of dark spots then this might be the best choice for a dark spot corrector as it does help age spots, freckles, acne scars and much more fade from sight. Other than the natural methods, this is also one of the cheaper methods on the market and easy since it is just applying some cream to the skin.

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Some of these creams also come in a mask form which can be better suited for people with many dark spots on the face area.

Skin Whiteners

These are bleaching products that remove the old skin from the affected area, which allows for new fresh skin to grow back. This lessens the concentration of melanin in the whitened area. This method takes quite a bit more time than some of the other methods and some products can cause irritation of the skin when applied. Make sure to read the label of these products to verify that it is not toxic.

Chemical Peel

Similar to the skin whiteners, a chemical peel is a bit safer method of dark spot correction even though it might not sound like it. A chemical acid is used to remove the surface layer of the damaged skin. After a treatment is completed, the dead skin just peels away, allowing for new skin with less melanin to grow in it’s place. Many of the acids used in this process are derived from fruit and that is what makes it more safe than skin whiteners. It will light many different types of dark spots but it may not be the best dark spot corrector as it does not always completely remove the affected areas.


This procedure utilizes a highly controlled vacuum and pressure to move microscopically abrasive aluminum oxide crystals over the surface of your skin. These crystals essentially sand off a layer of the skin, again allowing for new skin to grow back and can reduce many different types of dark spots. It sometimes take a few treatments to get the full affects of this method but it is absolutely painless.

Even though many dark spots are just that, dark spots of skin, it comes down to personal preference if you want to have the or not. Hopefully the information above has helped you understand some of the best dark spot corrector methods that are available today and one of them works for your particular condition.